Kitchens Ireland – The online Kitchen Design guide for Ireland

The kitchen in Ireland is said to be the heart of the home. It is the engine room of the house, around which all other rooms are strategically located.

Kitchen Appliances

Never forget that the central aim of the kitchen is cooking, having the appropriate appliances ensure that a wide variety of meals can be created. Check out our Kitchen Appliances for more information

Kitchen Sinks

The kitchen sink is one of the most important components found in a kitchen. It is often overlooked but central in food preparation and hygiene. Check out our range of Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen Worktops

There are many types of kitchen worktops now available. Each surface has its own merits and and each has its own look.

Kitchen Designs

Design is correctly implementing the plans you have formulated into the allocated space. There is no limit to the amount of kitchen designs you can have – only your imagination.

Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen furniture can add that something unique or special to your kitchen. Kitchen furniture items will also bring a degree of practical assistance to the home owner for storage and better use of seating space.

Kitchen Flooring

It is so important to select the right type of kitchen flooring. As well as appearance the floor needs to have correct practical characteristics: e.g. non slip, easy cleaned, etc.

In modern house design, the kitchen plays an integral part in entertaining visitors, being as much a reception room as a working functional kitchen.

Innovative cutting-edge design now makes the kitchen one of the most attractive rooms in the home, and provides an enticing atmosphere for all the family to spend time doing more than just cooking.

What does your kitchen say about you?

Deciding on a kitchen requires careful planning and design, together with quality workmanship so that the finished kitchen is a welcoming comfortable space that affords you and your family many hours of relaxation and joy.

We here at Kitchens Ireland plan to make that process easier and smoother for you. We provide information on relevant aspects of deign, workmanship and trends together with the vast array of accessories, lighting and appliances that combine to make your dream kitchen.